Since mid ‘80s and though the ’90s, I have been publishing my illustrations in punk fanzines published all over ex-Yugoslavia, illustrating record covers for bands and concert posters, presenting myself in magazines, youth magazines, SF-themed group exhibitions and theatre plays at same time.

After founding and disbanding of local club “Slam” and urban commune Harmonija Haosa, I expanded my work beyond punk boundaries, participating in projects and initiatives like Comic’s school Subotica, Format C, Entropija. Outside of Serbia, I was represented through projects ComixConnection, 24 Hours Comic and exhibitions in Germany and Croatia.

Through participation in number of festivals dedicated to comics and subculture, work with clubs, art groups and workshops, and more than 200 solo and group exhibitions, I founded informal group of independent authors – Insomnia initiative, active to this day.

Since 2020, I represent Opened Atelier “F”.

I find my inspiration in work of other authors, related to SF, horror and cyberpunk themes, but it mainly comes from fascination over cooperation between creation and deconstruction, metamorphosis, entropy. I’m describing my work as Aesthetic Horror.